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In-Patient Department

Complete Inpatient Management Module that manages all your hospital inpatient functionality from Patient registration to the billing with a complete tracking of Patient records.

IPD with built in Ward Management and Nursing Station Management, ICU. NICU availability, the IPD gives a 360 degree view of the entire admitted patient movement from admission to discharge.

Out-Patient Department

The complete cycle of an effective OPD from Registration, Patient History, Patient Diagnosis, and Prescription etc. is stored and managed effectively. The system leverages Health Insurance and TPA tracking along with ICDX codes. With powerful reporting from scanning and storing entire Patient demographics like X-Ray, Ultra Sound, Pathology and other diagnostic reports etc.

Pharmacy ( Purchase & Sale )

Central and distributed pharmacy with several functional units like stock tracking, ordering/ indenting and medicine receipt from wholesalers/ vendors functionality.

Pharmacy module deals with the automation of general workflow and administration management process of pharmacy from purchase to sale with Expiry report, Nearby Expiry, Vat Report, Stock Re-order Report, Drug Stocks, Stock Ledger & Stock Valuation and ABC Analysis, FSN Analysis, Medicine Report, Pharmacy Stocks, Non-moving Medicine Stocks etc.



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Pharmacy Dashboard

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